Can we please have this kid's generation in charge of this country soon instead of the people we have now?

There's an 11-year-old kid named Ruben Martinez in El Paso, Texas. And in the wake of the attack at the Walmart there on Saturday, he wanted to figure out a way to help heal the community.

So Ruben has started the El Paso Challenge, where he's challenging everyone in El Paso to do 22 good deeds for each other. The number 22 is in honor of the 22 victims who were murdered.

Ruben is suggesting things like, "Mow someone's lawn, visit a nursing home, pay for someone's lunch or dinner, donate to families in need, write someone a letter and tell them how great they are, hold the door for everyone."

His mother says he came up with the idea after, "He was having some trouble dealing with what happened. I explained to him that we could not live in fear and that people in our community are caring and loving."

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