Now that there's a ratio of three craft breweries to every American, I guess it makes sense that we don't make time for some mainstream beers anymore.

24/7 Wall Street analyzed beer sales over the past five years to figure out the brands we're just not drinking anymore. Here are the top 10:

  1. Bud Light Lime, down 35.5%.
  2. Keystone Light, down 26.2%.
  3. Miller High Life, down 24.1%.
  4. Natural Light, down 23%.
  5. Budweiser, down 22.2%.
  6. Natural Ice, down 20.9%.
  7. Busch, down 19.7%.
  8. Bud Light, down 13.4%.
  9. Miller Lite, down 12.6%.
  10. Icehouse, down 6.6%.

So what are we drinking to replace them? Obviously craft beers are huge, but some macrobrews are also seeing big growth. The sales numbers for Stella Artois and Modelo are both up over 200% in the past five years.

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