You'd think at some point, everyone will have learned lessons from seeing videos online of people messing with zoo animals and getting their comeuppance. Sadly, as soon as you hope "Okay, this is the one that people will learn from," some new video comes out of someone learning their lesson.

A new video from an unknown location shows a man hanging a little too close to an orangutan cage, reaching his arms out to try and get the orangutan to "Come here," as if the orangutan can just walk through the rebar.

Well, that pissed that little guy off. One of the primate's arms rockets out of the cage and grabs the man's shirt, pulling him straight to the cage.


From there, it becomes a game of tug of war between the orangutan and the poor dude's friend who was trying to get him away from the enclosure, pulling on his arms and shirt.

Eventually, the guy ends up stuck off of the ground as the ape pulls his legs up in the air high enough.


The video ends before it's clear whether or not the guy got away, but it looks like he as slipping out of the orangutan's grip as the video cuts to an end.

Check out the full video here:

TMZ reported that the guy was likely okay, and that's good enough for me to believe he didn't lose a leg or his face.

Read more at TMZ

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