Friday morning, Dwyer & Michaels' studio was full of excitement with a psychobilly rock performance LIVE and in the studio from ZED ahead of their CD release party Saturday night.

ZED is comprised of a group of Quad Cities-based musicians who have been playing together for decades, and they're excited to bring their new album to the public.

Giving Dwyer & Michaels a sneak peek, they played two of their songs in a double-feature performance - Zombo and Death Race 2000, both of which are featured on the new album.

Check out their performance below.

Saturday, October 7th, at the Village Theater (2311 E 11th Street, Davenport) is the CD Release of Wrecking Machine, and they have a few guests throwing down with them to open the show.

Doors open at 6pm, with the show starting at 7pm with The Memphis Dives opening the night, followed by a banging set from The After Darks.


This is an all-ages event in the East Village of Davenport, and you can get yourself in for just $7.

Follow ZED on Facebook for more info.

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