TAMPA, Florida — For those who dare to bare it all, a unique voyage awaits aboard the "Big Nude Boat." Departing from Florida, this daring cruise adventure promises 10 days of clothing-optional exploration in the Caribbean, slated for February 3rd to February 14th, 2025.

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Big Nude Boat to Set Sail from Florida in 2025

Bare Necessities Tour & Travel will transform the Norwegian Pearl into a nudist haven, as passengers shed their inhibitions while journeying through picturesque destinations including the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Dominica, Martinique, and St. Lucia.

While onboard, passengers can partake in a range of clothes-free experiences, but adherence to proper nudist etiquette and guidelines is paramount. Despite the liberating atmosphere, certain rules are firmly in place, such as the requirement to don clothes within dining areas.

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Rules of the Naked Cruise Ship

According to guidelines outlined on the Bare Necessities Tour & Travel website, nudity is permitted when the ship is at sea or anchored, unless otherwise announced. However, when docked alongside at a port, clothing is mandatory throughout the vessel until an official announcement permits nudity again.

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Photos Are Not Allowed

Moreover, guests are advised to utilize towels when seated bare-bottomed or sporting a thong in designated areas like staterooms, the pool deck, and buffet zones. Strict policies also prohibit the unauthorized capture of photos or videos of fellow passengers, regardless of their attire, with designated "no photo zones" established across the ship.

No Inappropriate Behavior

Maintaining decorum is emphasized, with inappropriate touching or behavior strictly prohibited, along with disallowing nudity in view of other ships in port. Additionally, lingerie and fetish wear are deemed unsuitable for the cruise environment.

Those who fail to adhere to these guidelines risk being dismissed from the voyage, ensuring a comfortable and respectful environment for all participants.

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More About The Nude Cruise

As the Big Nude Boat prepares to embark on its unique odyssey, passengers eagerly anticipate a journey of unparalleled freedom and adventure amidst the azure waters of the Caribbean.

For more information about the Big Nude Boat, click here.

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