According to a Wine and Etiquette Master, known on TikTok as @Apwasiwine, there is a proper way to butter your bread, and we have all been doing it wrong. "Barbaric," even.

Apparently, there is a more classy way that bread should be buttered, Apwasiwine advises, you should never butter the whole slice of bread at once.

You are probably wondering, what other way could you possibly butter your slice of bread? Good question, let's find out.

Buttering a whole slice of bread, as most people do, he says is "practical," but then explains the "correct way" to butter bread. You must instead break the bread into smaller bite-sized pieces and butter them individually.

"Many people will take the entire piece of bread and butter it on their plate. Practical, certainly, but in terms of etiquette, it's incorrect," he says in the video.

"Take the entire piece of butter and place it onto your plate. This is where the saying comes from, breaking bread. You break the bread into small pieces, mouth-sized...Butter it, and there you go. Perfect!" he concludes.

A couple of TikTok users thanked the Etiquette Expert for his friendly tip. However, it seemed like the majority of commenters were annoyed by the video. Some of the top liked comments on the video said:

Ryan Ackerman: I’m gonna look fancy AF at Texas Roadhouse next time.

barrygill89: How to waste time doing something desperately simple 👌

hiramonopoly: I love these videos. Etiquette is a practice consciously executed which denotes a beautiful representation of evolved human sentient intellectualism.

Nicholas Callan: What's proper etiquette for breaking wind?

Willow McGregor: Imagine having to live by these rules.

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