Think back to all the times you pulled out a wedgie in a parking lot and thought nobody was watching.

A new study from found the average American is caught on camera about 238 times a week. Depending on where you work, which route you drive, it could be over 1000 times a week.

They broke it down simply for us:

  • You're more likely to be caught on security camera film when you're driving than any other time at 160 times a week on average.
  • The average employee is on camera 8 times a day, or 40 times a week, but that number jumps way higher if you work in retail.
  • You're caught on camera 24 times a week while you shop.
  • Doorbell and security cameras catch you in your own neighborhood twice a day, for an average of 14 times a week.
  • Next year, it's estimated that the world will surpass having 1 BILLION cameras worldwide. The US will have about 180 million just in the US.

So, don't assume you have privacy anywhere, because chances are, you don't.

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