The sunshine brings out the grill!  Don't get me wrong...I'm not afraid to do some winter grilling when the moment strikes, but when it's nice out...we're lighting up (the grill).  Turns out...I've been doing it wrong, and you probably have been too!

Here's my rule.  I only flip it once!  For god's sake....only flip it ONCE!  If you can't leave it alone you need to start biting your nails or sucking your teeth.  You know...something less annoying! I flip it when the juice starts to pile up on top of the non cooked side.  That's when I flip it.  Then I wait for the juices to run a bit more clear when I squish it with my spatula.  (I know...but it's the only way I know how without cutting into the damn thing)

Here's a video that tells you what you need to know, and instead of using your spatula you're going to use your finger!!

But...wash it first, will ya!  I know where that thing's been.