If you have a smart home voice assistant in a room with a TV, chances are you've been watching and hear something out of your Alexa or Google Home like "The circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles."

TV's setting off your assistant has been made fun of by everyone. South Park did a whole episode about it, making your home assistant repeat some less than appropriate phrases.


Home assistants activate when you didn't say a wake word as many as 19 times a day. The average activation time for most of these devices is 43 seconds, meaning 43 seconds of your conversations are recorded for "quality assurance" or whatever you want to believe it's for.

If you have a iPhone, you know Siri is a worse listener than your kids and spouse combined. A study from North Eastern University used a bunch of word combinations to see what sets off the devices.

Some of the better results:

  • Siri- "Faith's Funeral"
  • Alexa- "Congresswoman"
  • Google Home- "I don't like the cold."
  • Cortana- "Colorado"

The best way to gain privacy from these devices, according to their manufacturers, is to turn them off.

Read more at ZDNet

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