Since all this crap started, you've spent much more time at home. You're not going out for dinner, you're not grabbing a drink with the friends, no concert, no sports, nothing. Chances are, you're working from home, or not working at all. Chances also are that you've had a lap warmer since you didn't go back to work. That lap warmer is going to suffer the worst when you leave and this is all over.

The Queen's corgi trainer, Roger Mugford, told Daily Mail owners need to start getting their pets ready for a return to a normal schedule.

He explained that dogs will build up a "huge reservoir of over-dependency" during these uncertain times, especially with separation anxiety.

'When left alone, dogs can chew the house, annoy the neighbours by constantly barking, urinate and defecate inside, sometimes even self harm. Put a webcam on your dog and you'll see howling and pacing and other distress signs,' Mugford says.

He advises to start taking 30 minute breaks away from your dog, which will help them adjust to you not being home.

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