Yellow Submarine, the Beatles' 1968 animated movie, is coming to the public for free, for everyone, but only for a one-time, sing-along event.

The movie will air Saturday, April 25th at noon on the band's official YouTube Channel. The lyrics to the songs in the movie will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Yellow Submarine was the fourth installment of Beatles movies, fully animated. The band didn't do much of the work on the film. In fact, the only Beatles part of the movie is the music. The characters are voiced by other actors.

The special includes "All You Need is Love," "Hey Bulldog," and of course "Yellow Submarine.

This isn't the only big release for The Beatles this year, a new documentary, called The Beatles: Get Back is set to release in September. The doc will feature over 50 hours of footage from the Let It Be recording sessions. Parts of the footage appeared in the 1970 Let It Be. 

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