Last Friday morning, Aaron Yoder ran down a stretch of road, beating a Guinness World Record, because he ran a mile in 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Marquette, Kansas had his choice of road with no potholes, and little to no traffic. The reason he needed this type of road, was because he was running backwards.

Aaron grew up on a farm that had a 4 mile route surrounding their property, so he started running at a very early age, and quickly developed a passion for it.

After years and years of running, including 100 miles a week in college, he ended up developing Osgood-Schlatter disease, as well as tendonitis, a torn meniscus, and arthritis.

When he was 24, his doctor told him he should never run again - but if he did, to train like a sprinter, because it'd be better for his knees. Just like a broken transmission, all he had to do to get around was put it in reverse.

Yoder says his backwards running traces back to middle school, when he was running too fast for the treadmill he had. So, he turned himself around to keep challenging himself.

He says he runs 1 mile forwards every day, and of the 10-12 miles he runs a week, the rest are backwards.

“It’s simply showing people when you’re doing what you’re born to do, it’s just like recess,” he said. “When you’re passionate about what you do and you’re guided by whatever you believe in, it’s not a chore. It’s enjoyable.”

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