Bounce houses are cool and all...but they're always so cluttered with children.  Why?  Because bounce houses are COOL!  For everyone!  Young and old!

When you make your way to the fair or community luncheon it's always nice to see a bounce house for your kids.

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Did you pack socks?

That's usually the first thing my wife and I ask each other because we know our children are hillbillies and only use footwear when 100% necessary.  Literally, my son (10) argued that since he wasn't planning on going into the store he didn't need to wear shoes.  We found this out at the store.  He 100% needed to go into the store with us.

So, what if we had an adult bounce house?

Good news!  The 'World's Largest Bounce House' (as certified by Guinness) is making its way to Illinois!  And while you are encouraged to bring your whole family...they are including an ADULTS ONLY event!

  • July 22-24 and July 29-31, make plans to make the road trip to Rolling Meadows, Illinois at Busse Forest Park!

The 'Big Bounce America,' event includes four different bounces for you (ok fine, for your kids too).

'World's Biggest Bounce House', a 16,000 sq. ft. bounce house

Covering an area of just over 16,000 square foot and towering 32ft from the ground to the tip of our candy-colored turrets we’ve worked hard to ensure there is never a dull moment in this, the World’s Biggest Bounce House.

The 'Sports Slam' for you athletes

We’ve built a customized sports arena filled with goals, nets, hoops and balls of every size and type you could imagine! There’s also specials zones for climbing and a ‘battle zone’ where you can compete against your family and friends in a competition to see who can stay on their podium the longest.

The Giant 900 ft. obstacle course

At over 900ft in length this is one of the most fun and energetic experiences you’ll ever have. There are 50 different obstacles to overcome as you make your way from the start line to our grand finale monster slide. Ideal for all young aspiring ninja warriors!

AirSPACE, a space-themed bounce house

You won’t have seen anything like these attractions anywhere before and you and your family will love the opportunity to explore this highly interactive landscape.

Ever hear of a bounce house with its own DJ?

Get your tickets by clicking through to

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