Wonkzilla's Zombie Experience came by Friday morning to show us a preview of what we'll be seeing Saturday night at Tribute Fest.

The Rob Zombie / White Zombie tribute will be one of our headlining groups, and they played us White Zombie's Thunder Kiss '65 to start off the morning.

Then, after talking, we heard their cover of Superbeast by Rob Zombie.

It's no secret we're in for a treat at Tribute Fest at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.

All you need to do is show up!  Doors open at 6, and the show starts with a special set from The QC Rock Academy.  It's free to walk right in--we'll try and separate you from your cash during the night with raffles, 50/50, march, food and beer sales (Thanks to Smokin' Butt Bar-B-Que for donating a portion of their food sales from that night to Seal Family Legacy!)

But mostly what we want is to celebrate the great sounds of these bands throwing down for you, and raising awareness for Seal Family Legacy.  The musicians have all donated their time, Shawn at the Fairgrounds has donated the space and staff, Ritchie Sound is donating the stage, sound, and lights (And Mike will also be playing in Green BAY with Bill Michaels, Levi Craft, and Doug Brundies.)

None of this would work out if we couldn't convince Bill Michaels to sit for a set behind the kit.  His one-night-only Green Day Tribute Band will do 30 minutes of your favorite Green Day songs as GREEN BAY, der hey!

attachment-Greenbay (Instagram Post (Square))

Big Hair Mafia has announced their world premiere and Final Show Ever as Mafia Crue, The music of Motley Crue.

All that added to the refined stylings of the area's Greatest AC/DC Show, Electric Shock, and throw-down favorites WonkZilla's Rob Zombie/White Zombie show!

It's Tribute Fest at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, September 23rd, with doors at 6pm, and Teentalica taking the stage at 6:30.

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