Not sure if this man is an aspiring artist. a passionate collector, or just plain weird. Maybe you can decide...

A Tiktoker named Meelayna posted a story on her instagram asking her followers to send her their 'S**tiest Date Stories.' Meelayna claimed she was bored, but she did not expect this one crazy response.

A woman responded to Meelayna's story and said, "He had a tower of every piece of gum he ever chewed beside his bed." The woman also sent a photo of the gum tower for proof.

Meelayna Moran TikTok
Meelayna Moran TikTok
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"What the F*** is this? First of all, why is it shaped like a Christmas tree? Second of all, why beside your bed? Third of all, the gum packet... THE GUM PACKET!? I'm so utterly disturbed..." said Meelayna in the TikTok.

Commenters were also shocked about the photo and had this to say:

Stacie77: Why does it kind of look like a garden gnome?!

Jessica Nelson: why doesn't he have ants

user2727885740315: so does he box it up when he moves!? what about the gum he doesn't want when he's not home what does he do with that? does he put In his pocket?

Simple: Could be an avant-garde work of Art. Like post post post-modern, or something.

Other commenters decided to share their somewhat similar weird date experiences.

Maribel Soto: I got one so I was dating this guy and he invited me over to watch movies so we’re in his room I reach for the remote it falls I reach for It and accidentally touched the wall and it was bumpy when I turned the lamp on he had a collection of boogers on his wall I left

Elizabeth Snyder: So I went out with a dude and when I saw the mountain of crushed bud light Chelada cans next to his twin size bed…. I knew he wasn’t for me

user6502582445928: Not a date, but an old buddy of mine had a tea bag tower in his kitchen Was about 4 foot high

Baileydawn05: I went on a first date and told this guy my sister's name is Taylor. He then felt the need to tell me he has slept with 14 girls named Taylor

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What do you think? Is this leaning tower of chewed gum a red flag? Would you immediately leave the date, or would you ask what the purpose of the gum tree is? Not sure if this gum is a valuable collection or a continued piece of art, but everyone has something unique about them, and for this guy, it's his gum tower.


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