Who knew swingers drove practical family vehicles? I always kind of pictured them in El Caminos or Hummers or tricked-out dune buggies.

The police in Bay City, Michigan got a call last Thursday night about a woman trying to run people over with her Dodge Caravan minivan. The woman was 28-year-old Amber Schomaker and she was mad because a swingers party had gone very wrong.

Her 33-year-old husband had been having sex with another woman and Amber was alone with that woman's husband, but they weren't getting-it-on.

So when Amber's husband came downstairs, she slapped him, and then ran outside. Her husband and the other couple ran after her, and she got in her minivan and tried to run them over.

Amber wound up with three felony counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and she could be looking at up to 12 years in prison.

Bay County Sheriff's Office
Bay County Sheriff's Office

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