I can't guarantee it, but I feel like this might be the first time someone in Louisiana has been attacked by a camel.

There's a truck stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana, and they have a 600-pound camel named Casper living there in a petting zoo.

Well, last week a couple and their dog were at the truck stop, and the dog wound up running into the camel enclosure. That spooked the camel, and when the woman went in to get the dog, Casper the Camel attacked.

He wound up pinning the woman against a wall, and then sitting on her.

But she survived by... biting the camel's testicles. That got him off.

Got him off of her. Sorry. I should've made that clear. Anyway, she was able to escape. Oh, and the camel was shocked but probably not hurt, because according to the manager of the truck stop, the woman didn't have any teeth.

The cops came and the couple got tickets for trespassing and not having the dog on a leash.

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