After returning home from a night out at the bowling alley, a drunk 23-year-old was looking to get lucky.

Rebecca Duarte's man wasn't feeling up to the task at hand, and a verbal argument began, and he left the house to get away from her, but she followed him outside.

Angry, she punched out the front windows of the house with her bare hands before running up to her 51-year-old boyfriend and started punching him. He pushed Rebecca away and went to a neighbor's house, where the police were called.

Police noted there were multiple jalousie windows broken, and Duarte's boyfriend had lacerations on his face and shoulder.

When officers tried to question Rebecca, she was too intoxicated to walk or answer any questions, and kept repeating that she wanted to call her mom.

Rage After Rejection

A judge has ordered a no contact order for Rebecca, who had no other charges pressed by her boyfriend.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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