A 20-year-old woman in Provo, Utah named Francesca Delfina Farias-Swenson got busted for underage drinking last Wednesday.

Someone called the cops after she flipped out, started kicking the window of her boyfriend's car, and broke it. They reportedly found her walking down the street with bloody feet.

According to the police report, she had been drinking mouthwash to get drunk.

But she ended up being charged with more than just underage drinking, because after the cops cuffed her, she asked them if they'd pack her a bowl before she went to jail. And she told them she had a pill bottle with weed in it.

They said no, but found the weed. So now she's facing charges for underage drinking, possession of a controlled substance, and criminal mischief.

She's disputing the police account of the incident on her social media, though.

Read more at KUTV.

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