A woman in Mississippi had a dream on Saturday night that her husband cheated on her . . . and when she woke up, she STABBED him several times.  He had surgery and it looks like he's going to be okay.  She was arrested for aggravated domestic assault.

I had something similar happen to me.

Back in the day when my wife & I first met...I lived in an apartment on Kimberly & Division in Davenport.  It was a tiny 2 bedroom apartment that was littered with empty Jack Daniels bottles & cases of Icehouse bottles that were waiting to go back to the HyVee for deposit.

It was a hot summer night and of course the air conditioner is in the Livingroom.  We would set up a series of box fans lining the short hall & into the bedroom to chain gang some semblance of cool air to come in.

It didn't work very well.

So as I laid there with a thin layer of sweat on my chest...minding my own business, sleeping.  My girlfriend (later wife) wakes me up by slapping the ever living sh!t out of me.  Just flat-handed smacks my chest as hard as she could.

The sound of skin on sweaty skin popped loudly and the pain and surprise jolted me awake enough for me to say as I catch my breath..."what the f#$%?"

She had been dreaming there was a spider coming to get her and she was about to kill it.

I decided not to press charges but instead marry her.

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