A 24-year-old woman went to r/relationship_advice after experiencing a little bit of marital discourse with her 25-year-old husband.

She says the two have been married for one year, and the husband has "always had a soft spot for Taco Bell.

But she's thinking he went too far.

"One day I come home and there's a bunch of '90s Taco Bell memorabilia in the garage."

Her husband had collected a bunch of memorabilia to create a Taco Bell-themed office, including a full booth for his desk.


The woman goes on to say the two have seperate bank accounts, so he spent his own money on it for the office she doesn't go into, but she thinks it's "ugly and tacky, and goes against the entire motif of the house."

Reddit rules: She's wrong. She should support her husband's hobby here and he's not remotely hurting her in any way.

Some of the better comments include some zingers.

Lady, you need to Live Màs. -WD23

I can only imagine how awesome it is to be video conferencing and everyone is convinced you work out of a Taco Bell. -WeimSean

Damn, imagine being that type of wife who doesn’t even let her husband have a say in his own personal space design... -sonja_says

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