India Gardner was coming home from a long day at work, building trucks at the Chrysler plant, to find her front porch was gone.

She shared a before and after photo on Instagram, showing her green porch with stairs that was there when she left for work. The photo was paired up with a photo of her porch missing, with no stairs leading into the house anymore.

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After people said they didn't believe India, she posted a video to show the steps missing, and that she was now using a ladder to get into the house. She explained to TSR that she tripped when she realized what happened. "Whoever has my porch took my railings with it."




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A post shared by India (@thatsindiaaa)

'I didn't know I would be buying a porch you know,' she said. 'It's funny but it's not lol. I'm laughing, but I'm pissed.'

Gardner said she went and asked her neighbors if they saw who took her porch, but wasn't able to get a description of the perpetrators.

'From experience I believe this porch will be around $1,000-1200 to replace,' she wrote.

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