Taylor Young of Lone Tree, Colorado says that she submitted a winning flavor to the #MyOreoCreation contest and the cookie company never paid up the prize money.

She turned in her idea for cherry cola-flavored cookies a year ago and got a response almost immediately in the form of a package. Nabisco sent her a box with two cookies of her flavor and a note that read: "Dear Taylor, Thanks for sending us your idea. We thought it was so delicious, we turned it into this one-of-a-kind creation just for you."

With a message like that, the contestant thought she would also get the prize of $500,000. She says that communication between her and the company stopped. Shortly after her cherry cola cookies showed up on store shelves.

When she reached out to the company saying, "I'm seeing that my cookie won" they responded by saying that flavor was already in development. Basically they told her that the idea wasn't hers.

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