I think there's a very direct answer to what is and isn't an appropriate reason to call 911.

50-year-old Katrina Morgan in Ohio had a few too many drinks Saturday night, and was feeling some type of way. So, she called 911.

"My p••sy is on fire and I need someone from the fire department to put it out with his hose."

When the dispatcher asked for an address, Morgan hung up. Dispatch called her back, and this time she provided an address. When dispatch asked her to clarify the emergency, she responded "I need a fireman to come put my p••sy out because it's on fire."

EMS arrived, and of course, it was not actually on fire.

When officers tried to talk with Katrina Morgan, she was apprehensive. They tried to arrest her for disrupting public service, but she fought back and was almost tased, ending with another charge of resisting arrest, and making false alarms.

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