I've been to the ocean once.  Well...three times if you count the Gulf of Mexico, which you should be cause if you look at a map they're all connected.  Google it.

The first time was when I was on a  high school trip and we went to Cocoa Beach.  High class, right?  That's right...we sold Jack's Pizzas at, like, ten bucks a pop in order to afford it.  We went on the board walk and were able to swim for a bit.  I didn't feel cleansed.  Maybe because I drank too much of the vodka I smuggled in Pepsi bottles to be able to feel it for sure.  (I used food coloring to make the clear vodka brown like the soda.  It was brilliant but that's another blog)

Another time I hit Pensacola beach (we're that all of my experiences surround Pepsi) but I don't remember feeling particularly cleansed.

We went to Play Del Carmen in Mexico for our honeymoon.  No cleansing going on there except for the morning sickness that kicked in for my wife.

Here's a video of a good looking girl in a bikini expounding on the idea that the ocean is filled with magical powers.  She says one of the most powerful thing you can do when you are lucky enough to find yourself in one of the biggest bodies of water on the big wide Earth...is to ask it to cleanse you.

And cleanse...it does.  Ask and you shall receive.

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