Police in Green Bay have said that 74-year-old Wallace Bowers has been sentenced to five years in prison after receiving his 18th drunk driving conviction.

Wallace Bowers had a valid driver's license when he was arrested on January 8th after he crashed into a power pole on the city's east side. He pleaded no contest on Friday, December 10th to operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated - 10th or more offense.

Two other counts were dismissed.

Steven Johnson, Bowers' defense attorney, noted that Bowers is a Vietnam War veteran on full disability, and battles PTSD among other health issues. His explanation was that Bowers isolation and stress during the pandemic simply exacerbated his situation.

“I regret everything that I’ve done,” Bowers said before sentencing.

Green Bay Police Department
Green Bay Police Department

While issuing his sentence, Judge John Zakowski thanked Bowers for his service but said his service wouldn't matter to someone if they were hurt or worse in a drunk driving incident.

“I wanted to know ‘What did you get in your last case?’ It was four years. My dad would say ‘Well, if you did the same thing wrong, then the punishment should be bigger the next time.’ So it’s going to five years this time,” the judge said.

Zakowski also put Bowers on extended supervision for seven years, issued a $1,000 fine, as well as a three-year suspension of his driver's license, but noted that Bowers should never drive again.

“You’ve spent your last day behind the wheel,” Zakowski said.

Most recently, Bowers was convicted in 2011. Prior to this year's arrest, his other arrests span over the last 33 years.

  • Jan. 24, 1988
  • Feb. 7, 1993
  • March 12, 1993
  • May 23, 1993
  • July 8, 1993
  • April 17, 1994
  • Dec. 2, 1994
  • Aug. 13, 1994
  • July 31, 1996
  • Sept. 23, 1996
  • Aug. 27, 1997
  • June 13, 1998
  • May 3, 2000
  • Jan. 1, 2000
  • April 14, 2003
  • July 12, 2005
  • Oct. 1, 2011

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