A guy in Wisconsin has taken his love for Dr. Jones to the next level.

Michael Miller, 49, has been collecting Indiana Jones memorabilia for 35 years. He's accumulated so much stuff he's had a custom home built so that he could have a place that fit all of his collection in.

The first item in his collection was the VHS copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Growing up in the prime time of Harrison Ford, he's the ultimate fan.

Michael's new home has a 19 foot ceiling, reinforced stud work, custom made curio-cabinets, and temperature/humidity control.


Listen to our interview with Michael here:


He doesn't keep a count on money spent or number of items in the collection, but he knows he's paid as much as $5,000 for one item.

From dumpster diving to auctions, he's accrued quite the impressive collection.

Like any good Indy fan, Michael says if they continue on with the series without Harrison Ford, he won't be watching or collecting. No word on how much he hated Crystal Skull.

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