The Dollar General store located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, was forced to close its doors temporarily after its entire staff, including the general manager, resigned.

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Trina Tribolet, who served as the general manager for approximately a year, along with five other employees, left notes on the store's door signaling their collective decision to quit after their shift on Friday.

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Tribolet cited chronic issues of underpayment and overwork as the primary reasons behind the staff's drastic action. According to her, the team had been discussing these grievances for several months before finally reaching a breaking point. Tribolet herself had been toiling seven days a week due to staffing constraints and limited paid hours allocated to her to distribute among her team.

“This is something we’ve been talking about the last couple months,” Tribolet said. “Until Friday night when we walked away, this weekend was my first time off since Christmas.”



Customers Were Caught By Surprise

The closure of the store on Saturday morning caught many regular customers by surprise, as no one from the former staff showed up for work. The company, acknowledging the situation, stated that the store remained closed for about three hours before new staff members were brought in.

“A lot of our regulars came in there every day, and it’s hard on all of us to not be able to see them every day because they brighten your day,” Tribolet said.

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Workers Angry With The Food Donation Policy

Despite Dollar General's commitment to fostering a supportive work environment, Tribolet highlighted a specific issue regarding the store's food donation policy as the tipping point. She expressed deep concern over the wastage of perfectly good food items that could have been donated to those in need. Tribolet lamented the strict guidelines imposed by the company, which, in her view, limited the scope of donations and resulted in the disposal of edible items that could have been of immense help to local communities.

“There have been tears that have been shed over the fact that we’re throwing away coffee that is not expired, but it’s close... Or you’re throwing out a box of Lucky Charms that you know there’s a whole bunch of kids that would love to eat those, but you can’t donate them out because you’re supposed to throw them away.”


In response to the allegations, Dollar General's public relations team reiterated their adherence to Feeding America donation guidelines. However, Tribolet and her former colleagues remain resolute in their stance, emphasizing the need for comprehensive reforms within the company to address systemic issues affecting both employees and community outreach initiatives.

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