This Sunday, November 5th, brings us the 29th annual Governor’s Infamous European Cross Country Run and I have a way for you to win free registration.

The run starts at 1:00PM at Scott County Park

You can enter to win free registration from 97X, just head over to our contest page.

Participants from previous years continue to return and confirm how exciting and different this event is from all other local runs. A good sense of humor is helpful, if not necessary during the friendly competition.

A 2-mile course was added several years ago for those looking for a less challenging activity. The short course has been designed to provide fun without all the rigors of the longer course, which is always at least 4 miles, but never more than 7.

Assistance has once again been obtained from the Grim Reaper (who is still hanging around from Halloween) in the design of the longer course. Numerous obstacles, both natural and manmade, are scattered throughout. Can you conquer it? Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!

Don’t forget, as always All proceeds go the the Cornbelt Running Club Nancy Kapheim Memorial College Athletic Scholarship Fund!

Register online at Gov's Run.