Today, December 21, is Don't Make Your Bed Day. There's one good reason to skip the making of the bed, at least sometimes. I'll get to that in a little while.

The advice you hear more often is to make your bed every morning. The idea is if you're disciplined to make your bed each morning, you've already got one thing accomplished for the day. You feel good about it and you move on. If you want to get more into why you should make your bed every day you can check out what Admiral William McRaven, a NAVY Seal, has to say about that here.

Now here's why you can skip making your bed. Dust mites. When you don't make your bed it kills the dust mites that feed on your dead skin cells and sweat. By the way, these dust mites can contribute to asthma and other allergies. In fact if you search Google for reasons not to make your bed the first page of search results are all about the dust mites. I found this article from Huff Post Life on not making the bed informative.

When you get to page two of the results, you start to get moms giving their reasons for not making the bed. It ranges from everything from "I'm too busy" to "I have 3 kids under seven years old" to "I want to fall into bed at night." I can certainly sympathize with busy moms and dads.

But I think I have the best reason. We're grown ass adults and if we don't want to make our bed we don't have to.

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