I saw today that Elvis' estate WAS earning $40 million per year even though he was long gone.  So just for the helluvit I looked up the top "dead earners" according to Forbes, and here's the list:

  1. Michael Jackson, averaging $115 million per year since his death ... yikes!
  2. Elvis, now averaging $55 million per year, largely due to his postage stamp!
  3. Charles Schulz, at $40 million since the Peanuts 3-D is coming out next month.
  4.  Bob Marley, at $21 million was a bit of a surprise but his "Marley's Mellow Mood" beverage sales are huge!
  5. Elizabeth Taylor, at $20 million still sells enough "White Diamonds" perfume to hang around the top 5.         

Once in the top 5, but not anymore, are John Lennon and JRR Tolkein, by the way.

Hulton Archive (2), Getty Images