Atlanta police are searching for a suspect after a truck full of Jack Daniels turned up stolen.

A driver working for for a Tennessee based trucking company dropped off a shipment of the whiskey at a trailer yard in Atlanta on March 28th. On April 1st it was reported stolen.

One employee at the yard told police he "checked the trailer out of the yard" without asking the driver for his personal information. He said the man didn't seem suspicious.

Surveillance camera footage showed a white Chevrolet Tahoe parked across from the trailer yard before a white van pulled into the lot moments later. After the truck left, the van followed.

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The truck was found on the other side of Atlanta a day later. The majority of the cargo was gone when police found the trailer.

Another driver had his truck stolen from the same yard March 29th, and it had his birth certificate and other important paperwork inside.

Sounds to me like the guy at the gate needs to be checked out.

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