Well, another Mississippi Valley Fair is in the books and by all accounts this marked one of the best years in the fair's history. A great conclusion for the 100th anniversary.

A few years ago we started asking the Quad Cities who they would like to see at the MVF, and it's been a really cool concept because it seems the MVF Director, Shawn Loter, is paying attention. Last year a couple of the top voted bands were Tesla and Nickelback and Shawn was able to make that work out.

So we're going to ask you again who you would like to see at next year's MVF. Now some of these are out of the range of what the fair can afford or provide, but it helps Shawn and his team size up what the QC wants at YOUR fair.

We kept Nickelback and Tesla off the list since they were here this year, but we've also added some new ones. There are also a handful of Top 40 acts thrown in for good measure as well because there were people asking for those to be included in the voting last year.

In no particular order here are your choices. You can pick up to five artists. We'll let this poll go for a week and then we'll get the results to Shawn Loter over at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.

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