It's pretty much impossible to change your sleeping position. If you were ever going to tweak it, this would be why.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

A new study found that the types of dreams you have just might be connected to the position you sleep in. Check it out:

  1. People who sleep on their left side are most likely to have nightmares.
  2. People who sleep on their right side are most likely to have dreams where they feel relief or safety and they have better quality sleep overall.
  3. People who sleep face down are most likely to have sex dreams, possibly because they're getting less air, which makes them feel like they're being bound and restrained.

They didn't find any dream pattern for people who sleep on their backs. I'm guessing their most common dream is getting through one night without their significant other waking them up to complain about how they're snoring.

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