This morning Dwyer and Michaels shared a story about a street sign that people keep stealing. I guess people want their very own "Glory Hole Road" in their basement or garage!  What do you think is the most stolen sign in the Quad Cities and surrounding area?

Here's what the listeners think:

"The most stolen sign has to be High St."


"420 Ave seems to always disappear"


"Near Iowa City there is a road called Dingleberry Dr"


"Hey dorks, near Westby, Wisconsin There's a road called Lovass Ridge Road"


"The Rock island Arsenal Island has a street sign off the first hole called BLUNT RD."


"Hey guys, not necessarily dirty or funny, but some of the coolest Street names I've seen have been on military  bases.  I've seen Tank Destroyer Boulevard, Hell on Wheels road, Bloody Bayonet rd, and Carpet Bomber Terrace"


"(In Dubuque there's) B'Jaysville Lane! Honest to God, it's a real street. Just south of the Dubuque St. exit!"

Can you think of any road signs that might also be a target?