I saw a survey where people were asked which they'd rather have: a 5% raise or an extra week of vacation.  79% of the people said they'd rather take the 5% raise instead of more paid vacation.

I was wondering about the math of that...

Let's say you make $50,000-a-year with two weeks of paid vacation and 10 paid holidays.
That means you actually work 48 weeks and make $1,042-per-week.

With a 5% raise to $52,500, you now make $1,094-per-week.

If you stay at $50,000 but take the extra week of vacation, you now work 47 weeks, so you're making $1,064-per-week.

In other words, if you take a 5% raise over an extra week of vacation, you make an extra $30-a-week . . . or $6-a-day (pre tax).

In OTHER other words...it looks like we're going on vacation!

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