There’s really no mystery to why collectible toy shows are so popular. They allow people to get their hands on rare items, make some cool finds and meet other like-minded collectors. It’s sort of like a car show for toys—but with all different kinds of antiques and collectibles.

Also, I'd imagine, people just like looking at all those old toys from their childhood that they can’t remember where they put. From vintage card games and comic books to action figures and Transformers, there is something for everyone at these events. And with your kids in tow, it can be great fun as well!

From 10a-4pm, the Mississippi  Valley Fair will host the Quad Cities Toy Show.

You’ll get to see toys that are decades old, as well as brands you may have forgotten about. Their featured vendors will be there with their most rare and hard-to-find collectibles, with an emphasis on retro nostalgia and originality. Maybe you'll find vintage G.I. Joe figures from 1982, Cabbage Patch dolls from 1984, or remember those McDonald’s toys from 1995.

Yes! Many people forget that collectibles are often worth money and their kids will someday have fond memories of playing with them. Every time you bring home toys for your children, it's also important to remember that they're going to get bored with them at some point. You'll want to make sure you can easily sell those collectibles down the road when you start wondering what happened to a particular Transformer or G.I Joe action figure.

See you this weekend

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