It's a damned if you do...damned if you don't kind of scenario.  Poor "Ken" has to go through life with nothing but a smooth front and people make fun of him.  Winnie the Pooh goes around with just a crop top and no one bats an eye.

Now Lego has introduced an anatomically correct tiger and all hell breaks loose!

Lego recently introduced a "Majestic Tiger," which has impressive detail . . . including Lego's first ANUS.  Yes, the tiger has a small, circular pink piece that fits underneath its tail.  The specific part is also used for flowers, among other things.

I'm no prude...but I'm not 100% sold on this being necessary.  If it was, in fact, deemed necessary...they could've made it a less noticeable color.  Maybe a darker shade of pink.  Perhaps taupe.

But at least this will help kids be creative.  I can't wait to see what sort of creations my son will come up with that will appear to be coming out of or going into the tigers rosebud.

That episode of Southpark comes to mind where Eric Cartman gets probed by aliens and all of a sudden has a giant satellite dish pops out of his bottom.

And god forbid, if I ever get some alone time with this tiger, I'll be creating my version of Crouching Tiger, Human Centipede.

Hey man.  Anything to get the kids away from the devices, am I right? Let's get these kids playing with real toys and asking real unsettling questions at the dinner table.

Also...the Majestic Tiger is currently sold out on

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