A good first step after the storm hits and everyone is safe, is communication. Talk with your neighbors about the tree removal and how it will be done. Remember to stay calm. This event was no ones fault.

We looked into some other steps on how to handle the unfortunate event of tree damage from someone else's property.

Your tree tree falls on the neighbor's property

According to precisiontreemn If your tree fell into your neighbors yard due to "natural causes" and damages your neighbor's property, their insurance company will pay for the damage.

But it should be noted if the tree was clearly dead or dying or if you were warned that the tree was unhealthy, you are responsible for the damage. Homeowners have the responsibility to take steps to prevent damage from dying, diseased, or unstable trees on their property. In these cases, you are liable for the damage and your insurance company will have to pay for the damages.

"All parties are advised to check with their insurance company as every policy is different and may contain clauses that would alter this situation."


Your neighbor’s tree falls on your property.

One step is to get pictures just in case you need them.

If the tree was healthy and fell due to “natural causes,” whoever has the damage will pay for it. This means that when a neighbor’s tree falls on your house, you and your insurance company will pay for the damage.

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