The website, Estately, analyzed Google search data to figure out the things people in each state Google MORE than people in any other state and the results are great.


ILLINOIS:  Burrito / Deep Dish Pizza / Dennis Rodman (idiot) / Golf Injury / Oasis (band) / Pizza / Racist Jokes / Thin Crust Pizza / “Workaholics” (TV show)

Analysis:  In Illinois, you get a free racist joke with the purchase of a large two-topping pizza. 

IOWA:  Bacon / Corn / County Fair / Drake (sadly, not the rapper) / First Amendment / Gay Marriage

Analysis:  A lot of young corn farmers toil all year long, anxiously awaiting the day Drake will perform at the local county fair… or else they’re just looking into the academic opportunities at Drake University.

Some of the highlights are Alaska searching for mail order brides, Arizona searching for conjugal visits, Georgia searching for butt implants, and Texas searching for "Do I have herpes?"

Check out all of the Google Trends over at Estately.