This morning we had a lengthy conversation about how modern day vehicles are going digital and leaving out a lot of features that made commuting every day easier. Then we got this email.

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From Listener Jen:

Half, YES HALF, of all drivers are women. Most of those drivers carry these mini luggage contraptions, aka PURSES! As far as compartments, contraptions, technology, etc. We have cup holders, glove compartments, umbrella holders, clips for glasses, cell phone grips with charging stations & even ashtrays/coin slots. Yet the one thing I carry every day, has no space. Passenger seat, Back seat, Passenger floor space, back seat floor? Ha! Sure, if I'm not on soccer mom duty, headed to school or returning kids home, shuttling every neighborhood kid to and fro, taxi service for friends, family, and on and on and on, etc. Some may say put it in the trunk... sure! Because a car full of kids and teens would never need a drive through stop. No we have to pull over to dig out money? Cuz they never pay! On those rare occasions that I am traveling alone, sure I toss it on the passenger seat. But I can't tell you how many times that ends up on the floor face down. Love picking up all the contents over & over.

We hear ya Jen. Ladies, we have the petition for you: