Every once in a while, something funny will happen, but the location and other details of the event just add to the hilarity of the story.


People who love icebergs and people with the humor of a teenage boy intersected this weekend off the coast of Newfoundland when an iceberg floated towards the bay, and one man brought attention to its... phallic shape.

"I'm gettin' a lot of response, a lot of reaction to the photo because of its resemblance to ... part of the male anatomy, say," drone photographer Ken Pretty told CBC. Believe it or not, Ken is from Dildo, N.L.

To find the dongberg, people from all over had to head to a place called Conception Bay, which feels completely appropriate given the shape of the iceberg.

Locals referred to the iceberg as the "Dickie Berg," a play on the Newfoundland term for the male anatomy - "Dickie Bird."

Thousands of shares and comments flooded in on the photos.

"I should call him," one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, "Frozen stiff."

As far as the drone photographer, Ken Pretty, goes, he's glad that he got the photo when he did.

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"It's melting all the time. I mean, it might go limp," he said.

Canadian Ice Service shows over 200 icebergs floating along the coast of Newfoundland just last week, with more on their way in the number of the dozens.

If you were planning to go see the dickie berg this week, you're already too late.

Facebook commenters have said its lost its shape after the....uh... tip fell off.

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