I'm just as upset about the death of Glenn Frey as any of you are.  I believe Glenn was the heart and soul of the Eagles, who sold more albums than any American band, and his death was an absolute tragedy.  But I can't help but feeling that with all the coverage and attention being paid to him, it would be wrong for his homage to over-shadow David Bowie's.

They were both pioneers, they were both incredibly influential, wildly successful, and top-level gifted musicians.  But David took all the risks.  From his gutsy glam-rock days and the creation of his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, to all of his re-defining changes, to his diverse music library (Bing Crosby?), to his television and film adventures... David Bowie tried more, risked more, and accomplished more than Glenn Frey by a wide margin.

So give Glenn Frey all the attention he deserves, and he deserves a lot.  Just don't forget to mourn David Bowie with the same adoration.  It's only been 9 days.

Express, Hulton Archive, Getty Images