If your shoes reek every time you take them off, you can always try foot powder or special insoles to soak up the smell. But here are some tricks you can try first.

  1. Put them in the freezer overnight. It doesn't actually kill the bacteria, that's a myth. It renders the bacteria dormant, so eventually they'll smell again. But they will smell better by the morning. Make sure you put them in a plastic bag, that way they're not sitting directly on the food in your freezer.
  2. Fill them with kitty litter to absorb the smell. Don't just dump it in. Fill up two old socks or some pantyhose with kitty litter, and put that in your shoes.
  3. Spray them with rubbing alcohol. It kills the bacteria. Just make sure you don't oversaturate them, a light misting will do it.
  4. Don't wear the same shoes two days in a row. If you do, they don't have time to dry out. Guys are bad about it, because they usually don't own a ton of shoes. If your shoes stink up the room every time you take them off, suck it up and buy an extra pair.

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