Today is the day! The 2021 Celebrity Pinewood

In order to raise a couple of bucks for the Illowa Council of the Boy Scouts of America, we've called on some friends and friends-of-friends to battle it out on the racetrack.

This year, in the 2nd Annual 2Dorks Celebrity Pinewood Derby, we have celebrities from so many fields, it's hard to keep track of. We'll be seeing celebrities coming from the NFL, UFC, NBA, NCAA and more.

All eyes are on the faceoff between University of Iowa's Kirk Ferentz and Iowa State University's Matt Campbell.

Check out the full list:

  • Pat Miletich (MMA Champion and commentator)
  • Pat Angerer (Iowa Hawkeyes and Indianapolis Colts)
  • Jake Gervase (Iowa Hawkeyes and Los Angeles Rams)
  • Tavian Banks (Iowa Hawkeyes and Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Kasey Kahne (NASCAR)
  • Allen Lazard (Iowa State and Green Bay Packers)
  • Johnny Lujack (Notre Dame and Chicago Bears)
  • Tim Dwight (Iowa Hawkeyes and Atlanta Falcons)
  • Patrick Levesque (Dek Hockey and Quad City Mallards)
  • Matt Campbell (Iowa State University Football Head Coach)
  • Kirk Ferentz (University of Iowa Football Head Coach)


The Race Day Festivities (also known as the livestream) will begin at 8 during the driver's meeting. The racing will follow sometime after that. Just hit refresh until the video shows up.

Thanks to our friends at WHBF for the GREAT coverage.

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