Slipknot revealed their new masks in the video for “Unsainted,” the second song to be released from their upcoming sixth album.

The follow-up to .5: The Gray Chapter was confirmed to be named We Are Not Your Kind – a title that had been the subject of fan speculation for some time. The cover art and track listing were also announced. The album arrives on Aug. 9.

You can see the track listing and the “Unsainted” video below.

“This is the most time we’ve had to write a record, and work stuff out together,” guitarist Jim Root said in a statement. “One of my inspirations this time around was those artists that recorded full length albums – not just songs. While the industry is moving toward singles, Slipknot wanted to make an album experience, front to back.”

Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan – who directed the video – added that "these days the art we are making comes with the highest reward, because it’s taken the most time. Almost four years to create this emotion and temperature, and the reward now is nothing short of salvation.”

The video features nine band members, which suggests that departed percussionist Chris Fehn has been replace, though no announcement was made regarding the situation. Slipknot will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight to perform “Unsainted” along with the recently released “All Out Life.”

Slipknot, ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ Track Listing
1. “Insert Coin”
2. “Unsainted”
3. “Birth of the Cruel”
4. “Death Because of Death”
5. “Nero Forte”
6. “Critical Darling”
7. “Liar’s Funeral”
8. “Red Flag”
9. “What’s Next”
10. “Spiders”
11. “Orphan”
12. “My Pain”
13. “Not Long for This World”
14. “Solway Firth”


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