Are you tired of seeing dog filters on everyone's Snapchat and Instagram stories? Stand out against the pack with Facebook's new Slipknot and Guns N' Roses face filters. You can either dress your face up with a We Are Not Your Kind mask or as a skull from Appetite for Destruction. 

Slipknot posted a video on their Facebook earlier advertising the new filters with a video of Jim Root in a simulated version of his own mask. You're not limited to Root's mask, though, as there are 10 options -- all nine members' masks and a black hood with the signature "S" Slipknot logo. If you choose to take a video using the filter, "Unsainted" plays in the background. Try it out here.

And if you've got an appetite for GN'R, there are filters for you too! Just after the 32nd anniversary of Appetite for Destruction's release, you can be Axl Rose, Slash or Duff McKagan's iconic skulls featured on the cover of the album. You can even submit a video rocking out as one of the members to a contest to win one of their Locked N' Loaded box sets. Become a skull here.

Don't miss out on Slipknot's Knotfest Roadshow - check out the dates here.

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