A doctor recorded this video of possibly the grossest, largest, most painful looking splinter I've ever seen in my life.

The foot's owner, who is unnamed, said "I had a splinter in my foot for 3 weeks. No one could find it and no one believed me, until now."

I can only imagine the reason it was recorded was to prove to his friends that he did, in fact, have a giant splinter in his foot.


It's gotta be a few inches long, and how the thing hid in his foot for that long is beyond me.

I just wish there was more of a story to go along with the video, because it really just brings up more questions than answers.

How did it get there?

How did nobody else see a 3" long splinter in the poor guy's foot?

How much force did it take to shove that thing into his foot?

Why did I watch this video when I knew it was gross?

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