Police officers will go to great lengths to get their man.  Run, jump fences, rain, snow, dark and blazing heat.  When a suspect is on the loose, officers will be in pursuit. We've all seen the high speed chases that keep us locked in wondering when the car will flip.  This one, well somebody could have flipped over, but they would have just got wet.

North of the border in Halifax Novia Scotia Canada.  Police tracked down a robbery suspect with a brief foot chase, that then turned into a swim chase.  Well, the suspect went for a swim.  The officers in pursuit had to commandeer a paddleboard and a pedal boat to get their man.  Which, I don't blame them...that "lake" looks disgusting.

My question is, when the officers arrived at the scene and decided to pursue this fella into the water, did they rock, paper scissors for the "right" to choose peddle boat first.  I mean, that seems like the better nautical craft to catch the suspect.  Good work by the officers to get their suspect and stay mostly dry while doing so.

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