A lineman in Idaho did a cool thing last week when he rescued a cat that was stuck on top of a power transformer to rescue a cat.

The whole time, his buddy on the ground recorded and gave a play-by-play of the rescue.

"Alright, we have made contact with the cat. Nate's developing a relationship. The jumper sometimes needs to develop a relationship with the person saving them."

It's hard to see what exactly is happening from the angle the video is shot, but the friend continues narrating like a National Geographic documentary.

"The cat sees him as a friend now. They're talking probably about their kids and who they've got at home."

You can see as the lineman, Nate, is able to grab the cat and put it in the satchel attached to his waist.

"This isn't a first for Nate. He's saved a lot of cats. It's a successful save so far."

Nate stops and pets the cat for a few moments to make sure it's calmed down before he starts his climb down the pole.

He shuts the bag the cat is in, and attaches it to a line to rappel down.

Once the package is received on the ground, the crowd that had gathered cheered and clapped at the safe return of the little guy.

Idaho Falls Power shared the video to their page to show off their awesome lineman who went above and beyond for this cat, and his community.

Good work, Nate.

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